Antigua Guatemala


May 2022


As I had my usual morning prayers this month, I truly felt worn out and wondered what else the devil could throw at me. After losing my wife Christa, having fifteen heart attacks, and then three operations on my heart and finally being fitted with a pacemaker, I was finding it difficult to pray and when I did pray I was falling asleep!  Throughout the day all I wanted to do was sleep. An appointment was made with an endocrinologist who soon found out the problem was two of the heart pills I was taking plus my white blood cell levels were dangerously low. A change in my medication and I was back to normal.  I have been through so many spiritual battles and realized that prayer must not only come before ministry but that, prayer, prayer and prayer MUST come first, second, and third and then ministry.  People tell me they are praying for me every day, and I do hope they are because the spiritual battles here on the mission field are so real, and it is not uncommon for me as a missionary to have doubts, fear and spiritual attacks that become part of my vocation.  Satan hates everything I am doing here, and so that is why I need your daily prayers. Please remember me as you pray each day.


This month it was with great joy to water baptize five members of our church with one young man giving his life to Christ ten minutes before being baptized.  The church always seems to get packed out when a free lunch is given, but we are used to that and cater for the extra people and it gives us the chance to share the love of Jesus with them.


Our church celebrated Mother’s day this month, and each mother was given a gift plus a lunch was laid on for them.  I know they played many games, but no men were allowed inside! Not even me to take the photographs!   A lot of laughter was heard and I am sure they all had a great time.


Being back at church warms my heart, especially since the majority of us are no longer wearing masks. At last, I can see smiling faces again! Evangelism was very much on my heart and I taught them why we must make it our number one priority, and I showed them one of many methods of how to evangelize, ensuring repentance was a necessary part of receiving Christ into one’s life. I handed out over two thousand tracts, so I will be curious to see the increase of people for the Kingdom of God.


Both Ofelia’s and Dora’s houses are well on the way to completion., hopefully by the end of June. Then we start on the third house!


A mother asked a young girl called Libni from our church, what would she wish for her birthday IF her mother had the money to buy it. She answered, “Mummy I would love a big birthday cake.”   I had overheard this in church, so I made this little girl’s dream come true.   Here she is hardly believing what is in front of her!  It’s little things like this that make me continue to work among the poor.


  1. Finances to build the last of 3 houses.
  2. A missionary couple to join in with this ministry.
  3. My complete healing to my heart physically and spiritually.
  4. More souls for the Kingdom of God
  5. Thank you for your prayers.