Antigua Guatemala

December Newsletter


Vivian came to me with tears in her eyes and a look of desperation.  She told me that the roof of her house was so bad that part of her bed was wet from the rain. As it was raining that morning, I went to have a look.  After nearly thirty years on the mission field, there are not many things that can shock me, but I witnessed the rain coming through the roof!  The bed on which 2 adults and 2 children sleep on could not be moved as the size of the “house” is 4 meters by 2 and a half meters! The British have a saying, “You can’t swing a cat in there!” I am pleased to say that I have been able to cover the costs of repair with funds remaining from the previous house you helped to build.  We are not just building a concrete roof but constructing a balcony, so that, maybe, in the future, two bedrooms could be built. The photo is of Vivian with her two children.  Her husband was away working in another town.



Our church continues to grow slowly but is strong in the Word.  I truly enjoy teaching, but especially enjoy the times of worship. There are times we will be singing and worshipping for half an hour and other times ninety minutes, and it can be four hours before the service finishes. But when God is moving who wants to go home?