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FIRE IN MY BONES – A Missionary Story.

Jeff has written his first book about how he came to the Lord, a hard-seasoned soldier of 23 years, who had seen everything and done everything.  Read how God got hold of this man and put a fire in his bones to serve Christ on the mission field in Guatemala, Latin America, the second most dangerous and drug-ridden country in the world.  A tragic accident which caused him to have fifteen major operations on his spine and neck did not stop him and his beautiful German wife Christa planting three churches in between each operation, and also five trips to India to start many house churches. This is a  book you just might read in one session.  It will encourage you to do missions for the Lord.  You can purchase a softback or e-book on Amazon at:



Val is an authoress from South Africa, who has written many Christian book.s.   Val encouraged me to complete my book and helped me over the last few months to push on with it, even though I was so busy.  If you feel like purchasing any of her books or are interested in writing a book, you can contact Val at her following FaceBook page:,