About Us

Since 2016 Jeff & Christa have commenced a new work in the town of San Miguel Dueñas, not too far from where they live.  Together with Pastor Juan Carlos and his wife Miriam, they prayed and asked the Lord what He wanted from them.    It was clear with all four of them that they were to start a new church.  In June 2016 in their living room, they began to pray exactly where in the town they were to start.  Very soon in a rented house, they began to win people to the Lord.  Some were young people, others middle age, and there the Holy Spirit has begun to do wonderful things among them. The Lord has spoken to them that they will see a revival among their people and also a church of over 2,000.

Juan Carlos has a wonderful gift of playing the keyboard.  Miriam takes care of the children during church service and is a powerful intercessor, often having dreams and visions.    Juan Carlos fell ill one day and Jeff took him to a private hospital where he was immediately operated on. During the following weeks, he again was taken to the hospital and operated on another two times.  A few days later he died.   Miriam refused to accept his death and removed everyone from his hospital room, and began to pray.  Two hours later Juan Carlos was resurrected from the dead!    We know now for sure, that the Lord has great plans for our team.   Juan Carlos also teaches the youth to play instruments.  You can read more about Juan Carlos’ testimony by going to “Newsletter” on this website.