Newsletter Sep/Oct 2017


The church has continued to grow, and it is a joy always to see new people added to the Kingdom of God.  There are times in the year when we feel it is good to come to church not just to listen to the Word being preached but also to eat together and have fun as a family of God together.  Each family contributed to the family’s lunch.    Some brought the meat, others the beans and others the tortillas etc.  So whilst the Word was being preached the smell of the cooking would waft into the church, and gave everyone a big appetite.   Later we had some crazy games and last the two piñates filled with sweets to complete the day.



























Mmmm! Smells great!                  















Our prize winners with their plastic ties!                               










No, Christa is not pregnant! Everyone can see the birthing pains across the world that the Lord said would happen before the Rapture, when the dead shall rise first and the living would follow and meet the Lord in the sky in the “blinking of an eye.”  This month Guatemala has not escaped the earth tremors and the flooding (the rain has not stopped), and also, the volcano Fuego throwing out its ash, covering cars and roads.  Also, there have been many murders in the country, and corruption in the Government reached a high point where we thought there would be a military putsch.  We thank the Lord that Guatemala only caught the tail end of three very large hurricanes.   Christa and I have prepared our emergency cases (with passports, money and clothes) ready, should there be any massive earthquake.  We pray there will not be another one like the one in 1967 which killed over 30,000 people and injured another 25,000.







Recent photo of Volcano Fuego (at night)                 

















A recent earth tremor caused damage


AFTER 15 major operations, Jeff still has pain and this restricts him in his mobility and at times he gets frustrated. The good news is that he has trained two generations in evangelism and continues in our latest church. Some GOOD NEWS!  There is a Neurosurgeon in Houston who is interested in Jeff’s case, and on the 1st of November Jeff has an appointment with him.  This neurosurgeon is well known for dealing with people who have had numerous “failed back surgeries.”  This appointment is only for a second opinion, as no way would we be able to pay the cost of any surgery that could be likely in the USA without insurance.











I am forever amazed how much God is using Christa in our leadership team. She has a wealth of knowledge of the Word of God and the gifting of Wisdom.  Our pastor Juan Carlos and his wife Miriam are young and are very open to learning.  It is a joy to watch the Holy Spirit use Christa time and time again.  I am proud to have such a wonderful wife!


To celebrate Independence Day this year, the local Verbo church (where we spent one year) honored the missionaries of Verbo church.  We were all given beautiful local jackets and a “Certificado de Nacimiento Chapin” ,a local Birth Certificate of when we came to Guatemala in 1993. 




In these end times, we need your prayers for our safety and health.  We still need your financial support as things have become crazily expensive due t the fact that crops largely drowned this year and having lost its value considerably plus roads are in such bad condition that drivers of goods have put up their prices.

We thank you for your loyal support both in prayer and finances.

Jeff& Christa Mills

Globe Mission Missionaries