Newsletter June 2017


This month we celebrated the first anniversary of our church and doesn’t the time fly by! It seems like only
last month that we were cleaning up the area and laying concrete, and here we are now with over 60
members which include children. There was a lot of hard work put into this wonderful celebration, but it
was worth it. The spirit, the soul, and the stomach were well fed!


We invited another local church, well known to both of us, Living Water Ministries in Dueñas, along with El
Shadday church from the town of Chimaltenango. Their evangelist, Pastor Israel preached a really anointed
message to us all. Another great local worship group from the town of Pastores came and ministered and
celebrated with us with over 250 people attending. Sarah Bedford, the daughter of our missionary friends
Joe and Karin had been spending a few weeks training our dance team, especially for this day. What a
wonderful surprise! We finished the day off with a raffle which I Jeff, won a massive sized Bible but decided
to donate it for someone else to win. I found out later that the lady who won it had been praying for that
very bible. Isn’t God good?


A few days prior to our celebrations we held a Miracle Evening Service, where Jeff preached a short
message before praying for the sick. Having seen our young pastor raised from the dead, people came
forward for healing plus also a word from the Lord. One leg actually grew out in front of us and someone
else was immediately healed of a headache. The greatest miracle that happened on that night, however,
was to see a young man come to the Lord. Hallelujah, God is so good!


On our leader’s meeting, it was felt that if the church was to grow spiritually that they would need to receive
some basic Christian teachings. Christa spent some weeks preparing some very important messages to give
to the church, and this month they received teachings on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is good even for me
to listen to the basic teachings again, as you always learn something new.










Fuego, the local volcano close to us, has, over the past few days
had been spewing smoke and ash all over the place. Christa
cleaned her car because the ash burns into the pain, but within
a few hours, it was covered again. Twice in one day she had to
clean it. Me? I keep mine in the garage!  The volcanic lava
is not too much of a danger to us as we have a couple of valleys
between it and us. But lately, it has been very active.







We are quite used having earth tremors and seeing the house shake from side to side, but this month we
had at 1.30am in the morning we had a 6.9 magnitude which rocked the house for nearly one minute. Some
houses closer to the magnitude were destroyed and we thank God that only one life was lost. It makes one
think back to the earthquake in 1976 when Guatemala had a 7.5 Magnitude in the middle of the night killing
over 25,000 people and injuring just as many. Please keep us in your daily prayers for our safety.


1. For our safety and security
2. For our health (especially Jeff’s back)
3. For finances. Our “Helps Fund” is empty again!

Many thanks for your support for almost 24 years. The Lord is coming back real soon
and we need to continue with urgency to share the Good News.

Jeff& Christa Mills
Globe Mission Missionaries