Guatemalan Newspaper

Was reading in my local Guatemalan Newspaper today that over 1 million children under the age of 5 are suffering with malnutrition. 111 died this year alone. Melanie a girl of 1 year old weighed just 12 pounds and had not eaten for three days and was suffereing an intestinal infection is just ONE of the many cases. Then there is Danilo a 3 year old boy who looks like a 1 year old. He cannot walk or even talk and probably will not get past 5 years old. He is one of 14 children. The problem is worse in that both his parents are alcoholics. Yes, some of these are even in our town I also heard some mothers make a soup out of grass, and to keep their babies quiet from crying they make them sniff glue! So, they grow up and move onto drugs. Please pray and see what God is saying to you today.